Social Engage Benefit

Social  Engage Review

You’re a great marketer or at least, you’re doing pretty well and you make amazing videos or maybe the product you’re about to promote already has a premade sales video…

And you know a thing or two about building successful fanpages, highly engaged groups, going viral, getting cheap likes and targeted clicks from Facebook…

But you’re yet to turn in any serious profit

Right now, you’re probably sitting on a fanpage or facebook group with thousands of audience but it’s not making you any money because monetizing and getting leads from them is HARDER than finding a needle in a haystack.

The reason is because before today, if you wanted to collect leads to your build list, sell your products and host time-limited (scarcity based) discoutnt offers on Facebook, you had two miserable options:

1. Send them to an external landing page outside Facebook hoping it converts, or
2. Send them to an ugly Facebook tab on your fanpage and we all know how that ends

You’ve probably tried all these possible and noticed that they just don’t work…

With these methods, it’s extremely hard to engage your audience and make them them take actions you want (opt-in to your list, buy your products).

And you may have even thought it to yourself… “if only I could get people to opt-in to my list and buy the products I’m promoting right from their newsfeed or right inside those viral fanpage posts I make… then I could grow my business really fast.”

Now YOU CAN build and deploy powerful video landing pages inside the Newsfeed and directly reach your audience

Think about this…

The next time your post goes viral — your auto responder account will be exploding as you lock in THOUSANDS of fresh new leads by the hours directly from the newsfeed.

And the next time you run a newsfeed ad to your new product — you instantly sell the product to your customers right inside their newsfeed with all the scarcity timer and call to action hooks.




We’re Using This Right Now to Promote JVZoo Products as Affiliates…

Here’s a Recent Affiliate Promo We Just Wrapped up for Super Affiliate Machine

We did 2 types of campaign on it — “lead collection and direct sales”

A week to the launch, we launched the first campaign to collect leads we will warm up and presell…

On launch day, we launched the “direct sales” campaign with with Social Engage scarcity timer