IMSC Rapid Mailer Review

There are some quite outstanding features with Rapid Mailer that most auto-responder systems don’t offer, one is the fact that it was a wordpress plugin, meaning that the installation is as simple as any other plugin making IMSC Rapid Mailer a desirable (if not essential) product for any internet marketer. Particularly if you want a low cost autoresponder.

So what is it?

IMSC Rapid Mailer is an autoresponder that’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your customer (or potential customer) list yourself. There is no need to pay for third party autoresponders or pay monthly fees. Created by Sean Donahoe and released in April 2014.

What does it do?

Some of its outstanding features of IMSC Rapid Mailer is

  • The ability to change the auto-responder campaign on the fly. This means you are totally in charge
  • For example, if a lead subsequently buys a product after only one or two emails into the series of emails, you can turn off the follow-on emails for that particular product promotion and switch them into another series of related product emails without having them to opt in again.
  • You can import any existing list into IMSC Rapid Mailer without making your customers opt in again, you can set up multiple campaigns.
  • You can even set up a subscription newsletter and it comes with a subscription manager with PayPal links already built in ready to go.

However, an automated email system is no use without a ‘list’, so part of the training that comes with the system is sharing some strategies for building responsive lists, such as how to grab all of your Facebook friend’s or LinkedIn connections email addresses and import them straight into your IMSC auto-responder, thereby creating a list from day one.

 What do you get?

There are also quite a lot of other features with Rapid Mailer, some of these are;

  • The flexibility to publish your emails as a blog post
  • The use of the Simple WordPress editor as your email editor
  • The option to run a subscription service, where you can earn money for managing mailing lists of others
  • Having a selection of email templates to choose from
  • and many other features…

Some Cons

There were some aspects which could be improved. One is configuring the options, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused by all the available options and this could easily become a time-consuming activity selecting which is best option for your situation.

The second is: The stats option as you don’t yet know what are the most important to look at on your dashboard (and this is a matter of personal preference) this can become a little confusing and figuring how you want it to look could be challenging as some components cannot be re-organized such as if you prefer more figures in your stats dashboard rather than graphs.

So some patience and a learning curve is necessary despite being touted as being ultra-simple set up … and be up and running quickly!

How Much is it?

Commercial licence is $67* *However you can get a single one site license for $27

Are there Up-sells?

Yes but you do not need them to get the complete Auto-responder package. The up-sells are for additional features, that are all great but optional.You can upgrade to the Pro Version of Rapid mailer and get four extra high power lead generation plugins for use on an unlimited number of sites for an additional $47. I bought this and have been very happy.

The next up-sell is for an additional 6 course advanced list building training. Mastering list building and lead generation that includes how to get 100,000 subscribers in the next 60 day for an additional $97.

(If you say no to this you will get a down-sell offer for half the course for $47.) I did not purchase this up-sell so I cannot comment as to its value.

There is also a down-sell for the rapid mailer for the $27 if you only want a single site licence, but you need to exit before you go to the payment page to have this option presented.

What about Support?

When we tested their support, we received what can only be described as ‘reasonable’ service however they were ‘pleasant’ to deal with.

My Recommendation?

I really like this plugin and its simplicity. It is a very handy thing to have in your internet marketing arsenal, especially if you are looking for more control and flexibility in the management of your site.

And at the one time purchase price it’s a great deal that’s unmatched anywhere. So I think it’s a great product at an awesome low price and the money saving potential (no ongoing monthly fees) is enormous for any serious online marketer.

Need More Proof?

Below is a table of the different autoresponder services and their monthly fees based on the number of subscribers in your account. That’s right the more contacts you have the more you pay. (You are paying for your own success!)

Download Plugin here

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