Best Pixel Studio FX Review

What is Pixel Studio FX?

Not having a clean and visually appealing eCover for your digital product or eBook can mean the difference between a bestseller and a flop. Potential buyers will dismiss a product based on but a single glance if what the see initially appears sloppy. I have done this many times. If the product’s creator has not put in the effort into the packaging, how likely is it she’s put much more effort into the product itself?

A great looking eCover is, therefore, a must. The issue I run into is that getting one is usually an expensive exercise in frustration. There are two options. The first one is to take things in-house. This typically implies a software like Photoshop and extensive knowledge of how to use it. I don’t have that knowledge and the complexity of these tools almost always gets the better of me.

The second option is to outsource your digital packaging. This can get very expensive if you look to hire anyone half decent. Even then, I always fear the person I’m paying to do the work will just not deliver. I never fully know how good the outsourcer really is, or how real her samples, referrals or reviews are. More often than not, I run into miscommunication issues and end up having to manage countless revisions, wasting time in the process.

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So what is the answer? Enter Pixel Studio FX, a simple and intuitive, drag and drop design tool that lets me create in minutes beautiful and professional looking digital product and eBook covers. This tool eliminates everything I dread about digital packaging creation: overly complicated and expensive software, countless actions scripts or add-ons, sketchy and pricey outsourcers, finding and buying stock. It’s an easy solution that is years ahead of any competing product.

The vision

Pixel Studio FX came about when its creators got fed up with the same eCover creation frustrations I had. It started off as a proprietary tool that has now been made available to everyone.

The vision for the software was to eliminate its user from having to design anything by providing ready-made but highly customizable eCover templates. It had to be easy and fast to use without compromising on quality. It also had to be affordable. As I’ll outline in the remainder of this Pixel Studio FX review, this tool indeed checks all those boxes.

The features Pixel Studio FX

The list of features Pixel Studio FX offers straight out of the box (no pun intended) is impressive:

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Award winning design
  • Easy to use with minimal training required
  • Low cost solution
  • Client collaboration and social sharing
  • 650+ unique professional quality eCover templates
  • 32+ eCover models
  • 500+ fonts
  • Thousands of stock images and web icons

The software also comes with full support and future upgrades.

The pixel studio fx workflow

Pixel Studio FX is cloud-based, so there is nothing to install. This also means the software and all my projects are accessible from anywhere. Perfect.

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When I first log in, the left side of the intuitively laid out main screen lists two dozen niche categories to choose from. These include everything from Business & Investing, and Business & Marketing, to Travel, and Health & Fitness. Everything is there. Selecting a particular niche will show a list of associated cover templates to pick from. Each one of these is a starting point for potentially limitless customization, depending on how far I want to take it. There are over 600 of these templates, and they all look amazing. I would not second guess for an instance having any one of them represent my product.

With a model picked, customization is up next. The Pixel Studio FX interface for this is exceptionally clean. No dozens of buttons and Photoshop like overwhelm here. Any object on the cover, be it text or image can be added, removed, moved, rotated or scaled using drag and drop functionality. All images can be changed. The software comes preloaded with a vast library containing thousands of stock images and web icons, or I can just upload my own. The font and colour of any text can also be arbitrarily selected. It is all very very simple, clean and easy. Just how it should be.

Once a cover template is chosen, it is instantly shown to me on all the different 3D models supported by Pixel Studio FX. This lets me see exactly how the end product is going to look right off the get go. All the models I would expect are there: Bluray, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, software boxes, magazine covers, spiral bound covers, CDs, various boxes with CDs, the list goes on. There are 32 in total, and more are coming.

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